VMware NSX-T: Create IP Pools

In this blog post I will go through the steps that are needed in order to create an IP pool that will be used by our Virtual Tunnel Endpoints (VTEP). VTEPs are the source and destination IP addresses that are used in the external IP header in order to identify the hypervisor hosts that are originating and terminating the NSX-T encapsulation of overlay frames. An IP Pool isn’t necessary in order to assign an IP address to a VTEP. You may also do so using DHCP or manually assign a static IP address.

Create an IP Pool

From a browser, log in to the NSX Manager with admin privileges.


Navigate to Advance Networking & Security > Inventory > Groups > IP Pools



Click Add to begin creating the new IP Pool.


Enter in the following information in the Add New IP Pool box:

  • Name
  • Description (Optional)
  • IP Address Ranges
  • Gateway
  • Network Address in a CIDR notation
  • DNS Servers (Optional)
  • DNS Suffix (Optional)

Click Add.


The new IP Pool has been created



Now that the IP pool has been created, we can begin to consume the addresses when configuring our Host Transport Nodes and Edge Transport Nodes.

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