Road to VCAP6-NV Blog Series

Well….here goes nothing! I’ve decided that the next certification that I will pursue will be the VCAP6-NV Deploy. (I sure hope I don’t regret this! 😳) With all the hype surrounding NSX and SDDC, what better time than now to really focus on the software defined network. More and more companies are starting to adopt NSX to harden their security, help them get into network automation with products like vRealize Automation, or even to help protect and migrate workloads to public cloud. So to stay relevant….I better jump on the bandwagon sooner than later.

To help me…..and hopefully others…..I am going to blog the VCAP6-NV Deploy blueprint. Yea, I know this has been done before a number of times but for myself this will be a learning experience so blogging about it for me is a way to fix the objectives firmly in my brain. And then too…everyone’s writing style is different, so I may can offer something that the next person couldn’t and vice versa. I plan to create a separate section on my blog just for these exam objective so that they can be easily found and utilized. I will do my best to cover each one of the objectives and stick closely to the blueprint. So here is a rundown of the blueprint and objectives I will cover below:


Section 1 – Prepare VMware NSX Infrastructure

Objective 1.1 – Deploy VMware NSX Infrastructure components
Objective 1.2 – Prepare Host Clusters for Network Virtualization
Objective 1.3 – Configure and Manage Transport Zones

Section 2 – Create and Manage VMware NSX Virtual Networks

Objective 2.1 – Create and Manage Logical Switches
Objective 2.2 – Configure and Manage Layer 2 Bridging
Objective 2.3 – Configure and Manage Routing

Section 3 – Deploy and Manage NSX Network Services

Objective 3.1 – Configure and Manage Logical Load Balancing
Objective 3.2 – Configure and Manage Logical Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Objective 3.3 – Configure and Manage Additional VMware NSX Edge Services

Section 4 – Secure a vSphere Data Center with VMware NSX

Objective 4.1 – Configure and Manage Logical Firewall Services
Objective 4.2 – Configure and Manage Service Composer

Section 5 – Perform Operational Management of a VMware NSX Implementation

Objective 5.1 – Backup and Restore Network Configurations
Objective 5.2 – Monitor an NSX Implementation
Objective 5.3 – Configure and Manage Role Based Access Control

Section 6 – Configure Cross vCenter Networking and Security

Objective 6.1 – Configure Cross vCenter VMware NSX infrastructure components
Objective 6.2 – Configure and Manage Universal Logical Network Objects
Objective 6.3 – Configure and Manage Universal Logical Security Objects

Section 7 – Perform Advanced VMware NSX Troubleshooting

Objective 7.1 – Troubleshoot Common NSX Installation/Configuration Issues
Objective 7.2 – Troubleshoot Common Connectivity Issues
Objective 7.3 – Troubleshoot VMware NSX Edge Services Issues

Section 8 – Utilize API Commands to Manage a VMware NSX Deployment

Objective 8.1 – Administer and Execute calls using the VMware NSX vSphere API


Now…..hold on to your hats! Here we go! #RunNSX

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