Configuring an Endpoint in vRealize Automation 7

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So far, we’ve created our tenant and we got the tenant setup with Active Directory authentication. The next step we want to take is to create a vSphere endpoint that will allow vRealize Automation to communicate with the vSphere environment and discover compute resources, collect data, and provision machines. To begin, we must first login to our tenant as a IaaS administrator. Once we have done that, we want to navigate to Infrastructure > Credentials to enter in the credentials that the endpoint will use to login in order to see the available resources. Click New.


Enter in an administrator username and password to your vCenter. Click the green check mark to confirm the credentials and lock them in. Click OK.


Now navigate to Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints. Click New > Virtual > vSphere (vCenter).


Now enter in a name for the Endpoint. Enter in the address for the vCenter server in the following format: https:// FQDN of vCenter /sdk. Also if you are running NSX, you can check the box for Specify manager for network and security platform and enter the address of your NSX Manager and then create and select credentials to log into the NSX Manager. Click OK.


That’s it! After the endpoint is created, a inventory discovery is automatically performed to discover any vCenter resources. Once the discovery is complete, we can beginning dividing our resources up into fabric group.

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