Configure vSphere Replication to Use an External Database

In this post we will setup vSphere replication to use an external SQL database. By default when you setup the vSphere replication appliance, it will use an embedded database to hold replication information but we can change that by using a manual configuration and putting in the proper settings. That’s what we will walk through now.


  1. Log in to SQL server and login to SQL Management Studio01

  2. Create the VRMS user login by going under Security>Logins. Right click and select New Login03
  3. Create the user04
  4. Create the VRMS database by right clicking Databases and select New Database.05
  5. Name the database and make sure you make the VRMS user the owner of the database06
  6. Go back to the properties of the VRMS user and look at the User Mapping for the DR_VRMS database. Leave dbo as the default User and Default Schema07
  7. Log in to VRMS appliance08
  8.  Go to Configuration tab010
  9. Select Manual configuration and enter in the database host, username and password information011
  10. Click Save and Restart Service012







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