Cisco UCS: Regenerate UCSM default certificate

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If you’re using the default certificate with UCSM, chances are, one day that cert will expire.


And when it does expire…what do you do? In this quick post, I’ll walk you through the commands needed to regenerate the UCSM default certificate. 

First, SSH into the UCSM cluster IP and log in with a user that has admin rights.


Once logged in, you’ll need to run the following commands:

UCSM# scope security
UCSM/security# scope keyring default
UCSM/security/keyring# set regenerate yes
UCSM/security/keyring# commit-buffer


Now when you open a web browser and navigate to the cluster IP of the UCSM, you will be greeted with a certificate warning. Accept it and log into UCSM and the warning message should now disappear about having a invalid-keyring-certificate.

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