Create a Business Group in vRealize Automation 7


Once we have created the machine prefix, lets navigate to Administration > Users and Groups > Business Groups. Click New. Fill in the name for the business group and also a the email address for the business group manager. Click Next.


A business group must have at least one business group manager, who monitors the resource use for the group and often approves catalog requests. Support users can request and manage machines on behalf of other group members. A user is the person that requests items from the catalog. Add the users that you want for the Group manager role, support role, and user role. Click Next.


Under the Infrastructure tab is where our machine prefix comes into play that we created. Select the machine prefix from the drop down box. Click Finish.


That’s it! We have our business group


Now we can move forward with creating a reservation of resources to allocate to the business group to be use for self provisioned services.

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