This post comes by way of a good friend of mine, Chris Stallworth. Chris and I had the opportunity to work together for a couple of years as Network Engineers. During our time working together we tackled many virtualization and network infrastructure projects. Now Chris is a Senior Cloud Architect & Network Engineer for Aecom Communications and a independent consultant…enough with the intros…on to the post.

There may come a time where you will need to restore a VMware Connection Server from a backup configuration.

If you have several connection servers in your VDI environment and you lose functionality (i.e. cannot access the Horizon Admin Console, cannot connect using the Horizon Client) due to a configuration error, update/patching incompatibility, or other general outage, you may be able to restore the server using the LDF backup created by the VMware ADLS VDMDS service. Assuming you do not have an available snapshot of the server (VMware snapshot or Storage snapshot).

You might also use this procedure when you set up a second datacenter with the existing View configuration. Or you might use it if your View deployment contains only a single View Connection Server instance, and a problem occurs with that server.

Configuration information about the connection servers is replicated among the servers in the farm using the ADLS service. The servers are backed up daily (by default) to the C:\Programdata\VMware\VDM\Backups directory in an encrypted LDF file.2015-12-14_22-34-05